Sameer Shisodia

I sit in distinguished company, sometimes.

Or amongst good, pleasant, well-intentioned folks.

Or amidst many other myths of culture, humanity, virtues

Deeply believed

Including in me.

And I see,

— Increasingly —

Through the opaque layers of civilisation

Atop which these acknowledged and practised goodnesses exist

Roots that go very…



Visit the pretty places

We went to.

Live the moments in the breeze and sun

That we did.

Savour the tastes,

See again the sights,

Live the highs,

Ride the rides,

Laugh again at the jokes,

Sing the songs,

Recount the dreams,

That we shared.

I am in the stories…



The emissions are going right back up as things unlock.

Consumption is back to being more and more and more mindless

We’re starting to use more fuel and travel more

We’re compensating for time lost like nobody’s business.

Ecommerce and online buying went through the roof!

Global trade in the…